Chiefswood Historical Exhibit!

Welcome To Chiefswood:

Join us from Dec 9th to Jan 31st at Chiefswood National Historic Site and experience the history of our beautiful 1800’s Historic Home, who built it, and the lives they lived.

Partake in our letter writing interactive workshop using traditional writing materials.

Learn about George Johnson, Six Nations Chief his Grandfather John “Smoke” Johnson and George’s Daughter Evelyn.

Take a tour of Chiefswood National Historic Site and relive the story of the house that was “Built On Love”

Open Hours: 10AM – 4:00PM | Monday – Sunday

Contact: or 226-387-2612

Chiefswood National Historic Site

About Us

Surrounded by the Carolinian Forest, along the banks of the Grand River, Chiefswood National Historic Site (NHS) is the birthplace and childhood home of renowned Mohawk and English poetess, E. Pauline Johnson. The historic site features identical entrances – the South entrance faces the river to welcome Six Nations community members who arrived by canoe, and the North entrance faces the road to welcome visitors from surrounding communities who arrived by horse-drawn carriage. The two entrances are a living symbol of the shared cultures of the Johnson family.

Chiefswood NHS is a museum managed by Six Nations Tourism, a sub-department of Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC). Located a short drive from Brantford, Chiefswood National Historic Site is a tourist destination aimed to provide a unique historical and cultural experience for all its visitors.

Chiefswood Museum

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Chiefswood National Historic Site offers curriculum-based educational programs to groups, schools, and visiting organizations. Through hands-on, interactive lessons targeting various learning styles, students will explore the history of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, and the background of Chiefswood.

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Roles and Responsibilities
of the Johnson Family

Exploring Traditions
and Celebrations

Early Societies
Scavenger Hunt

Exploring E. Pauline
Johnson’s Written Work

Our Visitors

“It was great to see how clearly you linked culture/meaning to our curriculum! The kids really enjoyed the activity.”

Jamieson Elementary School Teacher, Grade 1
Chiefswood National Historic Site Six Nations

Upcoming Events!

Whether you’re planning a future visit or already in the area, here are some Upcoming Events at the Chiefswood National Historic Site. Check back often and keep up to date with what’s going on.